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Magazines/Newsletters (Publications) - Financial

Magazines/Newsletters (Publications) - Financial

Part of being a savvy entrepreneur is keeping up with what's happening in your field and staying up-to-date on business news and trends. You'll definitely want to subscribe to trade publications, journals and newsletters that cover issues relevant to your business, as well as publications that cover your local economy - for example, a state journal of commerce or financial newspaper.

In addition to trade news and regional financial publications, be sure to keep up with current events, news and trends that may affect your business. Consider subscribing to a major newsmagazine like Time, Newsweek or U.S. News and World Report. Don't overlook your local newspaper as a source of financial news; a good local paper reflects the values and trends found in its community.

Of course, being well-informed about current events and local business news is just the beginning. If you're serious about making your business work and being the best entrepreneur you can be, you'd be well-advised to do some additional reading. There are plenty of publications out there for business owners - so many, in fact, that the field may seem a little intimidating. You don't need to read every issue of The Economist or The Wall Street Journal cover-to-cover in order to be well-informed, but it is a good idea to start checking out publications targeted at entrepreneurs like you.

Launched in 1995 by two former Harvard Business Review editors, Fast Company covers a variety of business topics, including technology, leadership, design, social responsibility, and work/life balance. also offers online networking, message boards, staff blogs and reader comments.

Speaking of which - The Harvard Business Review, a monthly publication of Harvard Business School Publishing, has been in circulation since 1922, and is a well-regarded management publication with international readership. Although the term "glass ceiling" came into widespread use due in part to its use in the pages of the Harvard Business Review, today the magazine has women in key editorial and leadership roles.

Inc. is a monthly magazine for entrepreneurs and small business owners that looks at business trends, profiles successful entrepreneurs (such as the founders of Hanes and the Blue Man Group), and offers advice and strategy in areas like marketing, management and finance. In addition to the print content, Inc. offers extensive online resources, and enewsletters.

Strategy+Business, which is published by a subsidiary of the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, looks at branding, business strategy, secrets of successful CEOs, and marketplace trends. Site registration is required to view articles online, but registration is free and nearly all print content is available online to registered users.

Enterprising Women is a woman-owned, woman-run magazine that covers issues that affect women business owners, including balancing business and motherhood, staying competitive in a rapidly-evolving technological climate, and secrets of successful female entrepreneurs.

PINK Magazine takes its name from the color it calls "a badge of honor celebrating a global mission of equity and opportunity." PINK's mission is to empower its readers to be confident in their careers and in their gender. Look for profiles of women who've succeeded in male-dominated fields, as well as articles on workplace technology, business trends and traveling for work.

For entrepreneurs balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship, Working Mother's content includes profiles of working moms who walk the fine line between business and family, as well as feature stories about women's health, child development and safety. Online, Working Mother features extensive content including a career center, blogging moms, recipes and a list of the magazine's 100 best companies for working mothers.

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